Surviving the test of time

A close friend of mine found her diary last evening. She flipped through pages that she had filled almost a decade ago and decided to share some of them with me and another one of our close friends!

She had mentioned both of us in various places but most of the incidents she had written about sounded new, like we were reading them for the first time.
She also admitted to having no memory of many of these things. Obviously they seemed important enough then for her to have penned them down.

It struck me then that there’s so little that really stands the test of time! Yes, eventually you and I will both be dead and the world will end and the sun will be a cold black hole and there’ll be no life left on earth. I get that! But even as we live today, there is so little that survives even a decade, let alone a lifetime.
The joys and sorrows of today, become a faded memory; a remnant of a time we cannot even recollect. The present then is all we have really. And yet; such is the nature of life that it renders every moment ephemeral.
What then, will stand the test of time?

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One thought on “Surviving the test of time

  1. Whatever has to, stays. Whoever stays, lingers. And whatever lingers, remains.

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