Miles to go before I sleep..

Let me start this post by saying – It has taken in-numerous attempts to get to a point in life where I can finally say that I’m actively focusing on getting fit.

For someone who isn’t very disciplined about food (cos I’m a foodie!) or health (cos I’m still young!) it took the company of friends (to kickstart an exercise routine), family (I’m married into a family that is very positively health focused) and a lot of enthusiasm and motivation (from within).

Today I ran 2.25 miles at a more or less steady speed of 4mph in 33 mins.
While it’s really not an achievement to write home about.. It is a milestone for me, and I’m mighty proud of it.

Will celebrate tomorrow with another run – hopefully a 2.5 mile run at 4.5mph in under 30 mins 😉

Oh and.. Here’s the view where I run!


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