College Project

I never imagined I would write about college AGAIN! atleast not about while being IN IT!
🙁 No, it isn’t the best feeling! No, I’m not enjoying it!
So stop asking me those questions!

The education system SUX! but i love sitting in those lectures and listening to the lectures! So much about Psychology that I love.. sigh!

Anyway! here’s why I wrote this post.

I need help!
I’m jus copy pasting a note I wrote to some ppl on my gmail list.
If you’ve been directed here, thanks for reading.. I’m hoping you’ll b able to help me. or direct someone here who CAN help me!
If you’ve stumbled here, even so.. read the following and see if you can help me..

Thanks a lot!



As you know, I have gone back to studying and I’m currently pursuing a double graduation – this time in Psychology; I would like to ask of your help. As part of the TYBA course, each student has to conduct a research based project in Industrial Psychology.

My topic of interest is Herzberg’s two factor theory also known as the Motivation-Hygiene Theory.
Check this for a simple explanation of the theory.

I am currently scanning the web in order to develop a checklist of the factors (that are distinct from each other) affecting satisfaction & dissatisfaction in employees as is theorized by Herzberg. In continuation to the research, I will be drafting a checklist suitable for a specific industry (pharmaceutical in my case) and designing a questionnaire or survey or using the interview method in order to (hopefully) prove/accept Herzberg’s theory.

I’ve written all of the above in order to request you to help me with the factors that I could add in the checklist.
If you have any refernece material on Herzberg’s theory and are willing to share it with me, I would be very grateful and will most certainly cite it and will remember to acknowledge you.

If you think you can add your two bits to my the checklist, please feel free to mail them to me on this email address.

Meanwhile, I would be as grateful if you could forward this email to those you think may be able to help me.

Thanks & Warm Rgds,

Suman Kalra.

Certified Trainer in
Neuro-liguistic Programming
Ceritifed Handwriting Analyst
Certified Hypnotist


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Apne time pe… Back in the day…

Recently I was interviewed by Manoj for his Salsa Magazine featuring me as a ‘Salsa Addict’ even though I’ve been off the salsa scene for over 2 years now. After reading through the article today I felt very nostalgic seeing images of me – looking, feeling younger and bubblier. A tad melancholic too.. as I gradually realised that these photographs were only 2 years old. It slowly dawned upon me that I had aged so much in 2 years. I look and feel older, much older in the two years that have gone by.

I remember reading on Kripa’s blog that
You realize you are getting old when you start saying, “Tereko yaad hai…apne time pe…”

Talking to Swetha confirmed that I was growing old. Really fast!
I hadn’t met friends in 2 months. Why? I was too busy working – at office or at home. I had to shop and refill my kitchen stock. Or.. I had a meeting at one end of the city and was going to get late by the time it was done. There was always an excuse to not meet my girl gang. In the last 2 years my priorities have changed. As my thoughts kept hitting my consciousness like raindrops splattering a flat surface in quick succession, I began to wonder how much has really changed.

Ashu tells me I should now use the phrase ‘back in the day’ cos I’m old now!

So… Back in the day, I remember hanging out with friends in the college canteen, eating vada sambaar for 10 bucks or special mysore dosa for 16. i don’t remember spending beyond 25 rupees in the Mithibai canteen. We would go out for movies in Chandan closeby and I also remember watching Dil Chahta hai – Black ka ticket.. for 45/- bucks only!

only… its only 45/- bucks for me today. Then it wasn’t the case.

I remember meeting friends at CCD and Barista. We liked those places then. I don’t remember wanting to meet at a Barista in the last 3 years though. Its either a Costa or a Mocha.. or ‘someplace nice’ & never in the evenings.. mostly 9 pm or later.

I am fairly free in the evenings and yet I tend to put that time into restocking my kitchen and the fridge or cleaning the house or just going home and relaxing. When I walk back sometimes toward my house from work, I look up into the sky and miss the way I enjoyed evenings ‘back in the day’ Missed the calmness of the evening. The in-between time from 5:30 to 6:30. I remember going to Barista, sipping on cold coffee or a mango smoothie and reading a book all by myself.

Now its my balcony and the comfort of my sofa with my feet up due to fatigue.

I remember traveling by train all the way to Churchgate and Nariman Point just to watch the sunset at the seaside. I remember walking the long stretch at Marine Drive and Worli Sea face. I can’t make it to my dad’s home from Oshiwara to Andheri today for fear of being caught in peak hour traffic.

I also remember going on shopping sprees with girlfriends at Linking Road and Lokhandwala or simply close to home at Irla. Today its a bag, tomorrow chappals… always an excuse to ‘hang out’ with friends. Colaba was my favorite for junk jewelry and I boasted of the largest collection amongst all my friends.

I had so much energy then. So much that I managed to do. This salsa interview brought back sweet memories of those days when CCD, junk jewelry, colored hair and salsa nights were the things that got me excited.

Now that energy to do so much, juggle so many things and pulsate with vivaciousness seems slightly mellowed if not extinguished. My priorities may have changed but I miss the innocent liveliness that I had during those days.. I don’t like the idea that I now end up saying ‘apne time pe…’ while chatting up with my friends.

I wish I could go back and relive those moments but Idoubt if my associations to these joys will be strong enough to stay even for a few hours. Will I enjoy having girly conversations about shoes, bags, clothes? Will I value saving 50 bucks by going to a CCD or Barista instead of a Mocha or a Costa?

Brings a smile to my face as I think of the souveniers of my past –

some junk jewelry that I hold too close and love too much (but am unable to wear) still sits in the bottom of my dressing table.

A pair of jeans I dhaaped from Priye that doesnt even fit me anymore.

College identity cards that were compulsory aroud our necks (ofcourse we were known to not wear them) sit in a folder carefully stacked.

Photographs from Salsa nights, Girl-gang stayovers and the first overnight trip.

My tattoo from the ‘wild times’

Its funny how the girl-gang only meets at big restaurants now and we remember only toward the end to capture it on camera. Its funny how the only time we meet is when Priya is in town from Bangalore while we stay at a distance of half an hour from every other respective member of the aforementioned girl-gang of 6.

Its funny how I now shop at BIBA, Provogue and Allen Solly, Woodland, Hidesign and Shopper’s Stop since all of these are under one roof in Inorbit falling in the distance of 2 kilometres from my house.

Well, I guess i havn’t moved on and don’t want to. Its nice to be able to enjoy being 17 and 19 while you’re really a lot older. Keeps the (in)sanity in check!

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