Oscillating between pain & pleasure!

Question: What do you get when you combine PMS, a stiff neck & a bumblebee?
Ans: A very vehemently wincing & rapidly mobilized woman.

Yup… Oh and maybe a mildly, deplorable, possibly featherbrained blogpost.

So the last three days have been spent in pain. And in some work. Was invited to give another one of the handwriting analysis lectures to a group of women who were happy to have their hand writings analyzed.

The lecture was at Sahara Star. A beautiful hotel with shockingly poor quality of food.
The result – my morning chambers and my tum – neither were happy with my time in there.

The highlight of the day today was the movie The Wedding Date. Now I’m a sucker for romantic mush but this movie I saw for only two very compelling reasons! The absolutely scrumptious looking Dermot Mulroney whom I love! And Buble‘s songs (used in the movie) that always make me (and every other woman) feel like “I wish my special someone sang this song for me”

So here I was in the middle of the afternoon, nursing a neck ache, a stomach ache & a head ache alternately when a bumblebee decided I wasn’t in enough pain & so it chased me around the house. A couple of hours of that followed by a couple of hours of staring at Mulroney’s face and/or smiling on hearing Buble’s voice all the while hearing a lot of WooHoos inside my head! 😀

All in all, not the worst day by far!

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