Chicago on Broadway

Call me vain but I have a few things on my bucket list that won’t really figure as the usual stuff people have on their bucket lists!

One of these was to watch the musical Chicago on Broadway.

A year in Manhattan and I hadn’t the heart to spent over a hundred and fifty green ones to be seated at an appropriately located seat at the theatre so that I could at the least see the faces of the actors performing.

But since Broadway week was here!!! we decided that this ought to be checked off the list this year.

So there I was – dressed formally as is traditional when one goes to watch a Broadway show (yes I made a fuss about it but I wanted it to feel like a special occasion) seated in the front mezzanine row C exactly in the middle of the small ambassador theatre anticipating one of the best experiences of a live performance!

And it was everything I’d imagined. Among the entire cast, I was stunned with Bianca Marroquin who plays Roxie Hart. I wasn’t particularly dazzled by the actress playing Velma Kelly but Roxie Hart stole the show for me and of course R. Lowe (the man) who plays Miss Mary Sunshine. Like many others in the audience I could not have guessed she was actually a he!!!
And the actors playing Amus Hart and Billy Flynn, Chris Sullivan & Marco Zunino were just as enjoyable.

I find myself smiling at the memory of a wonderful evening spent watching the longest running Broadway musical in history!

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