Miles to go before I sleep..

Let me start this post by saying – It has taken in-numerous attempts to get to a point in life where I can finally say that I’m actively focusing on getting fit.

For someone who isn’t very disciplined about food (cos I’m a foodie!) or health (cos I’m still young!) it took the company of friends (to kickstart an exercise routine), family (I’m married into a family that is very positively health focused) and a lot of enthusiasm and motivation (from within).

Today I ran 2.25 miles at a more or less steady speed of 4mph in 33 mins.
While it’s really not an achievement to write home about.. It is a milestone for me, and I’m mighty proud of it.

Will celebrate tomorrow with another run – hopefully a 2.5 mile run at 4.5mph in under 30 mins 😉

Oh and.. Here’s the view where I run!


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On a ride

Going up and down the streets of manhattan, ignoring the subway doors open and close.. All while we steal a few winks on each other’s shoulders through weekends spent juggling household chores and catching up with friends over brunches and dinners.

Fighting a cold in the snowy weather, bundled in layers of clothes to brace the winter, perhaps it’s you who makes it all worthwhile, who makes even the mundane more beautiful.

I feel smug as I smile when you rest your head in the crook of my neck, when you lean in as my fingers play with your hair, when you hold onto me in your sleep as I caress your cheek, I feel like the cat that got the cream!

I hope these fleeting moments stay with us when I find myself annoyed at seeing you mumble with your mouth full, or when you see my shoes take over the living room floor.

I realize during these moments that this is what they call happiness. It exists not in the highs of declaring one’s love for another in grand ceremonies, not in big romantic gestures; but in the simple and quiet moments of everyday life.. They come and go before we even begin to hold onto them.


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Chicago on Broadway

Call me vain but I have a few things on my bucket list that won’t really figure as the usual stuff people have on their bucket lists!

One of these was to watch the musical Chicago on Broadway.

A year in Manhattan and I hadn’t the heart to spent over a hundred and fifty green ones to be seated at an appropriately located seat at the theatre so that I could at the least see the faces of the actors performing.

But since Broadway week was here!!! we decided that this ought to be checked off the list this year.

So there I was – dressed formally as is traditional when one goes to watch a Broadway show (yes I made a fuss about it but I wanted it to feel like a special occasion) seated in the front mezzanine row C exactly in the middle of the small ambassador theatre anticipating one of the best experiences of a live performance!

And it was everything I’d imagined. Among the entire cast, I was stunned with Bianca Marroquin who plays Roxie Hart. I wasn’t particularly dazzled by the actress playing Velma Kelly but Roxie Hart stole the show for me and of course R. Lowe (the man) who plays Miss Mary Sunshine. Like many others in the audience I could not have guessed she was actually a he!!!
And the actors playing Amus Hart and Billy Flynn, Chris Sullivan & Marco Zunino were just as enjoyable.

I find myself smiling at the memory of a wonderful evening spent watching the longest running Broadway musical in history!

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The newness of everything should have been engaging. But it isn’t so.
Yes it snowed throughout the first 2 months. At first, I loved it. 
For the first time I was experiencing a prolonged period of boredom.
I started watching stuff. It didn’t bore me. 
I watched people running to get somewhere.
I watched the snow slowly swaying in the air till it melted on a black jacket.
I watched white fluff enveloping everything like someone pushed down on a giant can of white frosting.
I ate different kinds of food, relishing some, disliking others.
I watched my weight remain a constant which did draw out an emotion from me – Anger.
I craved for the sun. The novelty of snowy, wet days made me ache for warmth.
I watched into windows and then into walls.
I stared into space.
I fell silent.
The chores at home feel burdensome. Eating feels like a task; “too much effort” a voice mumbles inside my head. Let alone dishes and laundry.
Gadgets, books, pencils, charcoal – nothing seems to change it.
Its disturbing. To watch yourself do nothing. To feel yourself feeling nothing.
My body refuses to move. I could lie in bed and not wake up. 
Maybe I’d feel nothing, just the same as when I’m awake.
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Halfway around the earth!

In chronological order, my life changed like this.

August was the harbinger of good news.
He had been transferred.
To New York.

September made us wait with bated breath.
The visas were expected.
They didn’t come.
They needed to be filed in a different category.

October brought much work.
Refiling the application.
This time, we were rewarded with a shiny page on the passport.
Permission to enter the United States!

November saw planning.
Lists of things.
To buy, to sell, to send, to give, to discard.

December – the day was soon arriving.
Packing, packing and more packing!
Some shopping.

When the day finally came, New York was experiencing a snow apocalypse.
Phone calls, emails & canceled flights deflated our enthusiasm.
Some more phone calls and emails later, we were on our way.
Farewells were exchanged with friends & family.

December 30th – 11:35 am Eastern Time. New York greeted us with a sunny smile.


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