And I cried for the doom of mankind

I am enraged.. shaking and shivering.. out of anger…


What do you do when your rickshaw bumps into a biker with a passenger and breaks his petrol tank so that it starts dripping from the bottom?

What do you do when the biker and the passenger get off and whack your rickshaw driver six times one after the other smack on his face?

What do you do when you realize that the bikers are educated and you know that they will go away after they’ve vented their anger and their testosterone levels dip and will feel much better showing off their strength and masculinity because they managed to spank the guy into numbness?

What do you do on realizing that you can’t watch this way and you get off and tell them to stop behaving like idiots, that this is not going to solve the problem?

What do you do when you finally intervene and tell them to stop acting like uneducated fucking fools on the top of your lungs out of sheer anger and frustration?

What do you do when other bikers, other rickshaw drivers and spectators who were on their own way only seconds ago have decided to stop by and intervene and tell YOU to stay put inside the rickshaw or leave because its none of your business?

What do you do when you’ve been trying to beat sense into two 30 year old men that this is not how you deal with a problem?

What do you do when they tell you this is the only way to solve the problem?

भेन्चोद, मादरचोद, गांडू, साले, चूतिये, हरामखोर, भोसड़ी केऔर गाली दो उसकोचार थप्पड़ और मारो उसकोतब जा के प्रोब्लम सॉल्व होगा…”

After 15 minutes of my intervention, of shouting and yelling and trying to make people understand…
that’s what I did….!

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