Monday Morning Blues…

So you walk into office expecting a whole lot of work piled onto your table. You walk in assuming that of all days, you will get late today!

What you don’t expect is to reach much before your record time in!
What you don’t expect even more is for the AC to not work in the sweltering heat of Bombay summer!
What you don’t expect more than anything is for the windows to be open (as a compensation for the non-functional AC) and make all the paperwork fly off your desk and all over the place.
What you don’t expect at all is your friend calling you up and telling you about his week long break from work and how he spent it!

Conversation between AM & me

(post disconnection from gtalk)

AM: (over sms) call up naa.. my net’s down!
me: (over phone) haan.. wats up!
AM: how was the party last week..
me: oh, it was nice! some ppl cudn’t make it!
AM: why are you so bla?
me: The AC in the office is not working.. for the last 3 days!
AM: Fuck! must be hot!
me: You think!!!
AM: oh.. and ur on the last floor naa.. terrace wala!
me: (grumbling..) YES!
me: so how did u spend ur week off? Read something?
AM: No! hardly!
me: what did you do?
AM: Not much.. watched TV, saw 3 and a half episodes of ‘How I met your mother’
me: Go die! Shameless.. you were supposed to read! u had ‘goals’ remember?
AM: I didn’t take a bath on Saturday, Sunday!
me: huh? YUCK! It is so hot!!! What’s wrong with you?
AM: I’ve just realised.. I’m very lazy man! i didn’t feel like taking a bath Sat/Sun.. so i didn’t!
me: ‘unspellable involuntary sounds expressing disgust’
AM: I didn’t call anyone! I didn’t feel like talking to anyone! I was so lazy, I didn’t move from bed all day! Just watched those episodes.. read a little.. and got wasted sleeping!
me: I’m going to blog this!
AM: Bitch! don’t do that!
me: Call you back in 5!


The difference between 10 to 6 corporate slaves like myself and arty tarty moody creative freaks!

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