On a ride

Going up and down the streets of manhattan, ignoring the subway doors open and close.. All while we steal a few winks on each other’s shoulders through weekends spent juggling household chores and catching up with friends over brunches and dinners.

Fighting a cold in the snowy weather, bundled in layers of clothes to brace the winter, perhaps it’s you who makes it all worthwhile, who makes even the mundane more beautiful.

I feel smug as I smile when you rest your head in the crook of my neck, when you lean in as my fingers play with your hair, when you hold onto me in your sleep as I caress your cheek, I feel like the cat that got the cream!

I hope these fleeting moments stay with us when I find myself annoyed at seeing you mumble with your mouth full, or when you see my shoes take over the living room floor.

I realize during these moments that this is what they call happiness. It exists not in the highs of declaring one’s love for another in grand ceremonies, not in big romantic gestures; but in the simple and quiet moments of everyday life.. They come and go before we even begin to hold onto them.


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