Saying Goodbye!

It is always difficult to say Goodbye to a good friend. Someone who stood by your side through the good and bad times of your life. Someone who was always there to listen to you. Someone who promised to be there whenever you needed them.
However, there comes a time when you have to say goodbye!
Today I say goodbye to my dearest phone – HTC touch. My first ever touchscreen windows mobile bought in early 2008. As I walked around in the conference room of Woodcastle in Jim Corbett National Park, my poor phone realised it was time for it to go. So it fell down of its own accord and the panels came apart revealing its full skeleton. The damage was done. The circuits had come loose. The internal locking mechanism of the front panel gave way and so it remained that it would never fit back ever again. However, 2 rubber bands – courtesy Balaji Electronics, Sarojini Market, Delhi are holding it together!.

Even now, I can revamp it with 1500/- bucks. An original new panel and I’ll have my shining new HTC back! But I think its time to say Goodbye!

Thankyou HTC for making such a sturdy yet elegant design for a phone that lasted longer than I expected.

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